Located near Joplin, Missouri, The Twisted Forest is a haunted attraction situated on a turn-of-the-century farm property abandoned in the 1980’s due to supernatural disturbances. The land itself was left overgrown and isolated on the outskirts of the city until 2010 when it was rediscovered. Personal investigation, combined with local folklore, left the owners in agreement that the property truly was a Twisted Forest. 

What to Expect
This diverse attraction seeks to expound on the existing buildings and wooded areas of the property. The 45 minute + harrowing trail is a dark 1/2 of a mile outdoor trek along uneven ground. You will be taken through the woods as well as through a number of dilapidated buildings - including the original house and barn. Along with these structures, you will also encounter a 2,500 sq. foot enclosed maze. Live actors are located at every twist and turn to bring the current tale of folklore screaming to life. A word of warning: seek caution when interacting with the people of the Forest…we have found there are a number of haunts that were already present when we arrived. 

Be Warned
The Twisted Forest utilizes loud noises, strobe lights, and claustrophobic encounters to overload and frighten the senses. This event is not recommended for those who are pregnant, epileptic, claustrophobic, unable to walk long distances, or who struggle with serious heart/health issues. Because of the intensity of the experience, parents are strongly cautioned not to bring young children. 

After the Event
If you find yourself unable to sleep and psychologically disturbed by what you experienced at The Twisted Forest, it’s worth mentioning that a portion of your ticket was donated to Rapha House. Rapha House is a group of international safe house projects for victims of human trafficking. To learn more, visit www.raphahouse.org